IoT Internet of Things


temperature statistics
We distribute Wireless Sensor Tags and KUMO Sensors monitor and record

  • motion events (IR / xyz-axis),
  • door/window open/close events,
  • temperature/humidity/soil moisture
  • and water leaks.

They can send you emails, notify you on your phone when temperature or RH is too low or too high, or each tagged item has been moved even only slightly, or when each door has been opened or closed. View graphs/data-logs of temperature, humidity, motion events at each wireless sensor anywhere with Internet. Attach to easy to lose items in your house and find them by beeping each tag from any browser or your phone. Out-of-range and back-in-range notification features come standard on all types of sensor tags. KumoApp Engine allows automation algorithms to be defined in Javascript to trigger Internet connected devices such as WeMo switches, Honeywell WiFi or Nest Thermostats and Phillips Hue upon events from sensors, schedules and geofences.

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